Duluth Computer Repair
Since 1998 Evolution Electronics LLC has specialize in remote business technology solutions. The security and privacy of our clients is paramount. We work to make sure our clients can evolve with technology securely and safely in a ever chaining world.

At Evolution Electronics LLC we believe in treating people with respect. So if you are done with the so called “Computer Guy,” done being asked what your customer number is, and done paying insane amounts of money for someone to do the bare minimum and never solve your problem, then give us a call. We create solutions based on the whole organization not only the issue at hand.

We create custom solutions to support our clients needs world wide. On a day to day bases we work with clients in all of the US time zones, along with Canada, England, Japan, and Mexico. We are our clients one stop shop for mobile and fixed telecommunication needs, cloud services, desktop and server integration, remote day to day end user support and all tech consulting.

For our non-profit and church clients we provide filtering and web blocking solutions to allow their members restricted access to internet sites and internet services. Our solutions start at the block all then allow approach.