Duluth Computer Repair
At Evolution Electronics LLC we specialize in providing personalized in home in business service, repair, and installation for all your computer needs. The security and privacy of our clients is paramount. We work to protect your information.

Evolution Electronics LLC takes the hassle out of computer repair, computer installation, computer consulting. We will schedule a visit to your home or office to diagnose and repair your system’s issues. At Evolution Electronics LLC we go above and beyond, customizing your system to your personal taste. After the service is complete, we can show you ways to better utilize your technology.

We understand your need for security and privacy at Evolution Electronics LLC. Remember, it’s your computer, your life.

At Evolution Electronics LLC we believe in treating people with respect. So if you are done with the so called “Computer Guy,” done being asked what your customer number is, and done paying insane amounts of money for someone to do the bare minimum and never solve your problem, then give us a call. Start a relationship as one of our clients and be treated as a person.

Send us a text message or give us a call at Call 218-656-0843 and let us know what is going on. Even if you don’t know what is going on, we can help.

We have and can help with following services:

  • Computer repairs

  • Computer slow repairs

  • Mac Repair

  • IT Consulting

  • Microsoft Office 365 Integration

  • Data Recovery

  • Virus, malware and spyware removal

  • Computer personalisation

  • Software upgrades, maintenance and repairs

  • Pop-ups and ad removal

  • Email support and recovery

  • Data backup, storage ideas and disaster recovery

  • Internet protection

  • Printer, wireless and other hardware installation

  • Friendly advice and consultation on your next purchase.

  • Check computer and network connections settings

  • Ensure BIOS and Drivers are up to date

  • Perform hardware tests

  • Check for viruses & spyware and do a security audit

  • Update virus and spyware definitions

  • Remove unwanted software applications

  • Remove temporary internet files and cookies

  • Help with a suggested data backup plan

  • Download and arrange installation of OS updates (where applicable)

  • Find parts if a part is needed to fix your computer

We strive to make your technology, user friendly and personalized for you.

Higher rates may apply for after hours services.