About Evolution Electronics

Welcome to Evolution Electronics – A local computer repair service that helps local people with their computers and technology.

About the owner Justin Bisted

My name is Justin M Bisted and I am a full time computer guy living in Superior, WI. I make a living helping people, like you, with technology. I have worked with a local ISP in the past and was in the United States Air Force.

In 1990 I stumbled upon this wonderful device called a computer, an Apple IIe with a green screen, and from that point on I started learning how it worked. Within 5 years, I went from a person that did not know much about computers to a computer programmer and also learned how to take them apart and put them back together.

In 1995 I started working for a local computer shop that did computer repair and web development. At this point, I found how to work with clients, and I learned about networking (The study of how computers talk to each other). I found that networking was a path I wanted to explore more.

I went to Central Lakes College in Brainerd, MN and learned about computer networking, and database management. I learned a lot about how to not just interact with the hardware, but the person.

I then went to Wisconsin Indianhead Technical Collage in Superior, WI and received an Associates Degree in Information Technology graduated with honors.

I volunteer with the Superior Civil Air Patrol as a Aircraft Pilot, mission communications, and information technology.

I started Evolution Electronics in 1998 because I found that people needed help with their computers, televisions, home audio, and other technology. I found that people wanted someone to come to their house or business and help them hook it up and most important of all show them how to do what they want to do on it.


In 2005 I moved to Superior, WI, part of the Duluth, MN Twin Port’s area, and my daughter Zoey and my wife Brooke.
Business has been very good to us and we like the area and the people.


Why Evolution Electronics

I look at computers a little different than most computer shops and computer guys. I look at the person that is using it first then the computer second. Computers are not like cars, refrigerators, or tractors. Computers are a personal thing, something that is more important to then it’s not just a tool, it’s their entertainment, hopes, dreams, work, and their life.

Thanks for your time and I hope we can build a professional, but personal relationship.

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