No free Google Apps anymore.

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Question of the day.
“Where did the free Google Apps product go”


If you’re like everyone else who loves Gmail, you would like to move your custom domain (.com .net .org) to Google and have the same interface as Gmail. Well up to December 7th, 2012 to do such a thing it was free, but not anymore.

Google Apps

On December 7th, 2012 Google has decided to no longer accept new sign-ups for the free version of Google Apps. People who
already have the free version will still be able to continue to use Google Apps for free.

The new paid version will give customers:

  1. 25 GB for a mail inbox: Email with Google-powered search, 25GB of storage, offline support, custom email addresses, and much more.
  2. 5 GB for Google Drive: Google Drive allows you to store your files in the cloud, share them, and have access to them from anywhere.
  3. Docs: Create, share and work on documents with your whole team in real-time.
  4. Sheets: Manage spreadsheet data faster with click-to-edit charts and discussion style comments.
  5. Slides: Create presentations together, embed videos, and never press save again.
  6. Calendar: Easily schedule meetings at times that work for everyone, get meeting reminders, and share calendars.
  7. Business controls
  8. 99.9% up-time guarantee
  9. Full Outlook sync capabilities
  10. MS Exchange data import capabilities

Also 24/7 Phone support from Google at 877-355-5787 customers will need their Customer PIN and Support PIN. These numbers can be found under support and email support under the manage menu in mail.

All of these for $5 a month or $50 a year for every user. Compared Microsoft Exchange or other email products this is still a great value.

Also Google has higher end options for data archiving, data retrieval for investigation, and company-wide data discovery and export. these services can be purchased for $10 per user per month. Customers can contact us or can call Google Sales at 866-954-1565 for more info.

Evolution Electronics helps many businesses use Google apps and we would love to help you… Give us a call if you would like help, too. 218-340-5633