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Computer Repair in Duluth

We provide the following services for pickup repair for a flat rate.

We can also provide any of these services onsite also, but billed at our hourly rate.

Give us a call at Call 218-340-5633 and let us know what is going on. Even if you don't know what is going on, we can help.

  • Computer slow repairs

  • Computer hardware upgrades and repairs

  • Virus, malware and spyware removal

  • Computer personalisation

  • Software upgrades, maintenance and repairs

  • Pop-ups and ad removal

  • Email support and recovery

  • Data backup, storage ideas and disaster recovery

  • Internet protection

  • Printer, wireless and other hardware installation

  • Friendly advice and consultation on your next purchase.

  • Check computer and network connections settings

  • Ensure BIOS and Drivers are up to date

  • Perform hardware tests

  • Check for viruses & spyware and do a security audit

  • Update virus and spyware definitions

  • Remove unwanted software applications

  • Remove temporary internet files and cookies

  • Help EU with a suggested data backup plan

  • Download and arrange installation of OS updates (where applicable)

  • Find parts if a part is needed to fix your computer

We strive to make your technology, user friendly and personalized for you.
Call 218-340-5633

Higher rates may apply for after hours services.